Doubout Pou Gadé (José Manclière / 1980 réédition 2019)

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Co-produced by Pierre-Edouard Decimus, José Manclière has concocted a truly personal and singular record that features an astonishing experimental composition fusing Gwo Ka, Jazz-Funk and Biguine for one of the very first synthetic electronic productions of the genre. This ultra-rare album, privately distributed in the West Indies, has now reached the status of a Holy Grail among collectors. It is without a doubt a true masterpiece with deep tracks like Syka, a fierce synthetic jazz-funk hybrid with incredible clavinet, synth and trumpet solos halfway between Placebo and the Fabiano Orchestra. Vini Couté E Tann' is the excellent funky biguine that was chosen to be part of the Kouté Jazz compilation with two fantastic piano and guitar solos by Patrick Jean-Marie and Gilbert Coco respectively. Tipi Fanm' is another jazz piece with infectious gwo ka percussion. This album features the Who's Who of modern Guadeloupean jazz with Patrick Jean-Marie, Ramon Pirmé, Herbert 'Happy' Lewis, Roger & Gilbert Coco, Germain Cédé, Philippe Dambury and even Pierre-Edouard Decimus on bass. Originally released in 1980, Doubout Pou Gadé benefits here from a quality reissue by Diggers Digest in 2019.

  • Title: Doubout Pou Gadé
  • Year: 2019 (publié initialement en 1980)
  • Label : Diggers Digest (DD04)
  • Musicians: José Manclière, ‘Happy’ Lewis, Patrick Jean-Marie, Jocelyn Otto, Pierre-Edouard Décimus, Jean Robert, Ramon Pirmé, Gilbert Coco, Germain Cécé, Roger Coco, Roland Gallas, Philippe Dambury.
  • Tracks: 1- Syka / 2- Marie-Blanche / 3- Doubout Pou Gadé / 4- Willy / 5- Vini Couté E Tann’ / 6- Tipi Fanm

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Doubout Pou GadéDoubout Pou Gadé (José Manclière / 1980 réédition 2019)

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